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Balustrade stringers on a curved stairs floor plan make an unmistakable impression. The flight of stairs can be evenly rounded or rounded in the form of an elliptical basket arch. But even with a straight flight, a staircase with steel balustrade railings will impress with its imposing character.

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Steel balustrade stringers as an element of design

The production of a staircase with steel balustrade railings requires not only the use of state-of-the-art production technologies, but also the know-how of many years of craftsmanship. Starting with planning using complex 3D software, we can offer a visualization of the planned project in advance. We can also draw on decades of experience in calculating the structural requirements, especially for self-supporting stairs.

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The sculptural character can be further influenced depending on whether an open design is chosen for the step construction or the construction of folded steps that are closed with a smooth steel soffit lining - especially in the case of spiral stairs. In addition, the steel soffit lining can be included in the structural calculations. With the help of structural analysis programs that enable calculation with "finite elements", this has an influence on the material thickness that must be used.

Design meets expertise

As a highly qualified supplier, METALLART guarantees smooth processes and the best results, regardless of the scope of services. We are happy to support you with your project.

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As a further design measure, laser-cut recesses can be laser-cut into the steel balustrade railings.

Stairs with steel balustrade railings have become an absolute trend in modern architecture. We look forward to implementing your ideas.

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