New stairs for old buildings | Building in existing contexts

Far beyond their functionality, staircases are a decisive architectural stylistic device and, as new staircases in old buildings, create either strong contrasts between tradition and modernity or the successful continuation of the existing character of the building when building in existing structures. Increasing the value and preserving existing residential and commercial buildings is becoming increasingly important and is taking on a growing role in the construction industry as a resource-saving measure, especially in city centers. In addition to reconstruction, maintenance and repair, building in existing structures includes modernization measures, conversions and extensions, which offer great potential for unique staircase and balustrade solutions.


Finesse & knowledge

In contrast to new buildings, the existing building structures already provide a predetermined planning framework in terms of dimensions and statics for new staircases in old and existing buildings, which usually cannot be changed. For the subsequent installation of the staircase or the assembly of individual staircase components, on the other hand, the situation at the installation site and the available building openings must be carefully considered, as is also the case with new construction projects. With a high level of planning expertise and qualified experience in production and assembly, an individual solution can be developed for every existing building project that combines design and function and produces a convincing result. Last but not least, the choice of materials and colors plays a major role and requires not only a wealth of ideas but also a good feel for the character of the original building. In combination with sophisticated lighting and color concepts, new staircases can also be convincingly staged in old building environments.

Steel staircase as an eye-catcher

Special aspects of stair construction in existing buildings

  • Limited design options due to given room situations and special space conditions → Step dimensions, entry and exit areas and head heights may need to be adjusted
  • Lack of information on materials used in the masonry or on the quality of concrete and wood → In older buildings, it may be necessary to open walls and floors for inspection
  • Static testing may be required with regard to the absorption of support forces → When building in existing structures, buildings may not be designed for steel stairs or self-supporting steel structures
  • Restrictions when bringing the staircase or components to the installation site → Dimensions of the staircase elements must also be taken into account in the planning phase when building in existing buildings; installation via existing building openings, e.g. normal doors, may require small components and complete assembly on site

Design meets expertise

As a highly qualified supplier, METALLART guarantees smooth processes and the best results, regardless of the scope of services. We are happy to support you with your project.

New stairs in existing contexts for commercial and residential buildings

Our references speak for themselves! METALLART regularly realizes impressive new staircases in old buildings and thus also inspires decision-makers for renowned competitions in staircase construction. METALLART has already received the "Staircase of the Year" award several times for unique solutions in existing buildings and the successful combination of tradition and innovation. Most recently, in 2022, the monumental sculptural stairs in a former stud farm took first place in the "Sculpture" category as a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

We also create imposing steel balustrade stringers and transparent all-glass railings for existing staircase structures in residential and commercial buildings. As a new staircase design in old buildings, these design elements set decisive accents for a sophisticated interior with their design function.

Connection between old and new

Building in existing structures continues to write history and creates exclusive connections between old and new with new staircases in old buildings.

We are happy to support architects and planners with planning and implementation.

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