METALLART proudly invites a highly respected guest | Mayor Dennis Eberle from Salach


Salach's mayor as a guest

In August, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Dennis Eberle to our company. He has been in office as mayor of the municipality of Salach since the beginning of 2023 and took plenty of time to get to know our company and our sophisticated portfolio.

The tour of all three plants together with the management and under the guidance of Steffen Bayer was informative and varied. The insight into the stainless steel and railing production as well as the steel welding shop in plants 1 and 2 and the subsequent tour of the Süßen site with material cutting, main warehouse, paint shop, weld seam preparation and shipping illustrated the fascinating process of creating our sculptural constructions. The complex processes involved in the Assembly of large construction projects were also discussed during the visit. Mr. Eberle was impressed by our international alignment and the regular awards won by METALLART staircase projects.

Staircase construction with tradition

As a local company, we have been based here in Salach ever since the company was founded over 100 years ago. In his office as mayor and head of the municipal administration, Mr. Eberle sees himself as the "first business promoter of the municipality" and is therefore an important contact for the concerns of Salach companies and thus also for METALLART. We would like to thank Mr. Eberle for his visit and the time he took to get to know our company and our portfolio.

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