Sascha Binder MdL gained exciting insights at METALLART


The production of individual sculptural stairs left a lasting impression on Sascha Binder, member of the state parliament.

Visit by member of state parliament Sascha Binder

During a visit to METALLART in Salach, Sascha Binder, member of the state parliament, gained exciting insights into the production of sophisticated staircase construction projects. The company specializing in staircase construction has developed over the last hundred years from a company founded as a metalworking shop. With around 120 employees, METALLART is now a leading company for the planning, manufacture and assembly of exclusive unique staircases and prestigious glass railings.

Good capacity utilization in production

Jürgen Bauer, one of the three managing directors of METALLART , welcomed the guest at the beginning in the meeting room of the administration building and presented some impressive projects that the staircase construction company has realized in recent months in Germany and abroad for imposing residential buildings and upscale commercial construction. Capacity utilization is good and up to 50 orders can be processed simultaneously in production, explained Jürgen Bauer. Mr. Binder also learned that the war in Ukraine was having an impact above all on the significant rise in energy prices. However, METALLART mainly sources its steel from Germany and the EU, so that the supply chains remain largely intact.

Impressive work steps

The shortage of skilled workers in metal construction is a major challenge for METALLART. According to the Managing Director, experienced and qualified specialists are essential for the production and assembly of the sophisticated constructions. During the subsequent tour of the factory halls, Mr. Binder was immediately able to see this for himself. He was very impressed by the many steps that are necessary to turn a piece of metal into a beautiful sculptural stairs. METALLART staircases then find their place in private buildings, shopping centers or company buildings all over the world.

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