Spiral stairs for the Futurium

2017, Berlin

As a place for presentation and dialog, the Futurium in Berlin brings together politics, science, business, art and society. The project is based on an initiative of scientific institutions and networks, several commercial enterprises and foundations as well as the German federal government.

Spiral steel stringer staircase with smooth steel soffit

The new building itself was completed on Alexanderufer in 2017. From September 2019, the Futurium will be open to everyone who wants to shape the future with a wide range of offers: an exhibition with lively scenarios, a hands-on laboratory to try out and an interdisciplinary event and dialog forum are all part of the future workshop. The sophisticated building concept meets the standard of a low-energy building and creates an open, accessible character with its cast glass shell. Inside the building, the technically innovative designer staircase with its sculptural form and striking choice of colors complements the gallery's interior design.


Project details

The steel stringers on both sides of the designer staircase are each made from a welded hollow box section. They have a height of 1200 mm and therefore contribute significantly to the impressive appearance of the designer staircase. The stair head landing adjoins the step construction with 21 risers, which were realized as combined folding structure/box steps made of sheet steel. It was manufactured in the same way as the treads of the designer staircase and contains additional cross ribs between the stair stringers. The design staircase has a flight width of approx. 1160 mm.

The smooth steel soffit cladding is indispensable for the sculptural shape of the single-flight designer staircase, which is impressively presented on the upper floor of the Futurium. The METALLART experts welded the precisely shaped steel sheets flush with the curved staircase. All seams were welded using the TIG welding process and have a uniform finish throughout. This technically sophisticated construction element has structural load-bearing properties and therefore contributes to the improved statics of the designer staircase. In addition, the steel soffit lining has a clearly positive effect on the vibration behavior of the steel staircase.

A stainless steel handrail runs along both the outer and inner box parapet:

  • Handrail made of stainless steel round tube, 34 mm diameter
  • Handrail holder made of bent stainless steel round bar, 12 mm diameter
  • attached to the inside of the steel balustrade on both sides

Visually inspired by the box stringers of the designer staircase, a railing with a box balustrade joins the gallery. It acts as a lining for the circular ceiling edge and gives the steel construction a homogeneous character.

The German Sustainable Building Council awarded the Futurium "Gold" certification. For METALLART, this classification is of great relevance with regard to the sustainable use of materials in staircase construction.

In addition to production and assembly of the designer staircase, METALLART also supplied the CAD design planning in 3D format. This enables various representations with freely selectable viewing angles for visualization in the planning phase. METALLART was also responsible for the calculation and creation of the verifiable staircase and railing statics.


Richter Musikowski Architekten PartGmbB, Berlin

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