Steel staircase with glass railings at Max Mara

2016, Vienna

The spiral steel staircase in the exclusive Max Mara flagship store has a fascinating sculptural look.

Ellipsoidal steel staircase

Close to Stephansplatz in Vienna, Italian fashion brand Max Mara opened its flagship store in a 19th century palace in 2016. The exclusive boutique on Vienna's magnificent Graben boulevard covers 500 square meters over two floors and presents the fashion company's entire range. A stylish parquet floor, elaborate stucco work and an imposing steel staircase with parapet-high railings form the fascinating backdrop for high-quality Italian outfits that are characterized by elegance and the highest quality craftsmanship.

Sophisticated staircase design for luxury boutique

The ellipsoidal steel staircase presents itself as a special design element due to its unusual shape and becomes a real eye-catcher thanks to the special steel cladding. Combined with glass railing elements and a modern handrail, the box-type stringers, some of which are parapet-high, are an effective addition. The rounded construction blends in perfectly with the historical ambience of the designer store and underlines the exquisite atmosphere. The sculptural character of the steel staircase is accentuated by the unique choice of materials, making it an inspiring work of art.


Project details

With a 4-flight staircase layout and the innovative railing solution, the steel staircase connects the two floors of the boutique. The ellipsoidal staircase shape is the result of the structural approximation of 2 radii. A combination of box-type stringers, some of which are parapet-high, and glass panels set into them, each at different heights, demonstrates state-of-the-art sketch and production technologies and creates an impressive interplay of form and material. Three intermediate landings, each with an opening angle of approx. 125°, make the steel staircase pleasant to walk on. The harmoniously crafted stair head landing forms the conclusion on the upper floor.

The rectangular handrail made of flat steel complements the steel staircase as a functional design element. Supported by angular steel balusters, it runs continuously along the inside of the outer stair stringer and was designed with a cable guide on the underside for the LED lighting installed on site.

The steel surfaces on the inside and outside of the stair stringers and on the steel elements of the gallery are given an unmistakable appearance by the effective finish. The cladding panels, which are provided with textured paint on site, are approx. 2 mm thick and were applied by METALLART using a special bonding technique.

Matching the railing elements on the stringers of the steel staircase, an elegant all-glass railings made of white glass runs along the edge of the ceiling on the upper floor. Thanks to a significantly reduced iron oxide content, white glass ensures maximum light transmission and transparency and avoids the greenish tint that appears with conventional glass. The glass panels were inserted into the glass pocket, which was designed in the same way as the stair stringers, using the most sophisticated installation technology.

Architectural office

F&M Retail GmbH, Köln

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