All-glass railings for thermal spa paradise

2015, Bucharest

Without a handrail and upper end, it definitely sets design standards and is trend-setting in this area.

All-glass railings as an architectural concept

In the north of Bucharest, in the city of Balotești, Therme Bucharest offers the perfect environment to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. The special thing about this spa landscape is its unique concept: 800,000 plants, including many palm trees, are spread over 18,000 m². So it's no wonder that this is the largest botanical garden in Romania.

METALLART's all-glass railings extend over several meters in this special spa. The all-glass railings in the shape of a flower reflect the architectural concept of the wellness landscape. With no handrail or upper end, it definitely sets design standards and is trend-setting in this area. The unusual shape of the steel staircase with box stringers impresses visitors. The all-glass railings, which are also used for the stringer stairs, contribute significantly to the open and light-flooded character of the spa.


Project details

  • u-frame for lining the edge of the ceiling
  • frame layout: evenly rounded
  • frame thickness: 12 mm
  • integrated glass pocket to accommodate the laminated safety glass
  • filling of the all-glass railings: 20 mm laminated safety glass panes

  • steel staircase with box stringers made of welded rectangular profile in H-shape
  • flight width: up to approx. 1,600 mm
  • 2 flights of stairs with 17 risers each, 1 flight of stairs with 6 risers
  • intermediate and stair head landing
  • box steps made of 5 mm thick sheet steel
  • all-glass railings on both sides of the staircase
  • stainless steel handrail in mechanically polished 600 grit finish

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