Glass railings for steel stairs | Vector Informatik GmbH

2016, Weilimdorf

In the imposing foyer of the renowned manufacturer of state-of-the-art software components and tools, our artistically designed steel stringer staircase rises majestically, extending over four floors and attracting the attention of visitors.

Elegant steel stringer staircase

The new administration building of Vector Informatik GmbH has been located in the Weilimdorf industrial estate since summer 2016. Our elegant steel stringer staircase with glass railings spans four floors in the foyer of the manufacturer of software components and tools.

Floor plan of the steel stringer staircase

  • double-flight, evenly rounded spiral stairs
  • flight width approx. 1490 mm
  • 104 rises, 96 steps, 4 exit landings

Steel stringer staircase

  • parapet-high inner stringer in welded box form
  • outer stringer concealing the treads as a welded rectangular profile in H-shape
  • stringer thickness 10 - 15 mm or according to stat. requirements
  • wooden handrail European oak, natural


Project details

  • laminated safety glass panes
  • attached stainless steel U-section
  • design of the glass fillings in a special glazing with a minimized "green tint" made of low-oxide glass ("white glass")

  • folding structure box steps made of approx. 6-8 mm thick sheet steel
  • edged at the front, welded at the back
  • oiled oak" wooden lining

  • smooth steel soffit cladding
  • statically co-supporting to improve the vibration properties

In addition to delivery and assembly of the staircase, we were responsible for

  • verifiable statics
  • proof of vibration
  • ZiE as general test certificate of the German building authorities

Architectural office


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