Hotel stairs for a special ambience

The staircases that we plan and manufacture for you are as diverse as the global hotel landscape. You can choose from an almost inexhaustible variety of staircase designs. We also offer you a variety of railings: stainless steel, steel, wood, glass - you choose the material you like best and which suits the ambience of your hotel.

Modern stairs in hotels

For hotels in particular, a modern staircase is more than just an element that makes it possible to ascend or descend to the next floor. Hotel staircases influence room concepts with their construction and complement the entrance areas in particular with their design. Due to their central position in the building, hotel staircases usually have an impressive design.

Balustrade stringer staircase in the five-star-plus hotel The Fontenay

Modern interior stairs for hotels

A staircase in a hotel can be either representative or functional. Whether for the lobby or the staircase, a metal banister always cuts a fine figure and has numerous advantages such as its robustness and versatility of design. For example, metal sheets or rods can be used as metal infill, but a stainless steel banister on a staircase also looks classic and is practical at the same time.

Alternatively, instead of a metal railing, all-glass railings can be used for fall protection, providing optimum transparency and a filigree appearance.

A handrail is almost always part of a railing. In addition to providing a secure hold, handrails round off staircases both aesthetically and functionally. Perfectly finished and tailor-made, we manufacture your individual, unique staircase for you.

Design meets expertise

As a highly qualified supplier, METALLART guarantees smooth processes and the best results, regardless of the scope of services. We are happy to support you with your project.

However, METALLART does not only manufacture staircases for you. It is also possible to produce railings for galleries or existing staircases. Here too, of course, you have the choice of which material you would like to use. Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your project together!

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