Staircase design in the retail sector

Furnishings and fittings play a central role in shopfitting. Stairs have therefore become indispensable. Whether at Armani, Longchamp or Segmüller.


Staircase construction

Points of sale are no longer just places where business is conducted between customers and retailers. Rather, stores are unmistakably staged spaces and convey experiences related to products. With know-how and experience in the retail sector, our experts plan sophisticated staircase constructions that blend harmoniously into the overall design. We take your detailed wishes and ideas into account for your individual staircase.

All-glass railings for spindle ramp at the Segmüller furniture store in Pulheim

Staircase with railing

All shopfitting concepts have something in common: they implement an individual brand strategy that is reflected in the retail design. This often includes an individual staircase with railing. A purely functional staircase is less common for high-quality brands. Instead, in keeping with the spirit of the times, stairs with balustrade stringers or transparent glass railings can be found in retail stores.

Design meets expertise

As a highly qualified supplier, METALLART guarantees smooth processes and the best results, regardless of the scope of services. We are happy to support you with your project.

Staircase design

In the retail sector, the increased expectations of the clientele mean that the furnishings in stores are no longer just functional, but unusual and sometimes eye-catching. Because when the atmosphere is right, it has a positive influence on the decision to buy.

Self-supporting stairs

The staircases designed by METALLART are tailored to your individual needs. As an innovative company with a diverse team, we know the latest trends and implement them for you. Stairs can be used as a display for your latest products or simply as an aesthetic design element to connect several levels in style. Glass or metal railings are increasingly used as parapet-high steel stringers, which serve as fall protection or to guide people. The most impressive version is the freestanding staircase.

... as if you were floating in space ... - this impression is conveyed when a staircase is designed to be self-supporting. Realizing such a staircase is a real challenge, as the construction integrates the load-bearing elements invisibly.

Modern planning

With state-of-the-art planning tools and years of experience, METALLART employees master this task and construct individual interior staircases with a modern design. Just get in touch with us!

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