Stairs in the foyer of Commerzbank

2003, Munich

The steel stringer staircase in the foyer of Commerzbank Munich is particularly impressive with its curved perforated steel soffit lining. This elegantly curved construction runs upwards from the basement to the second floor in a uniform spiral and lends the room a special aesthetic.

Stairs featuring flat-steel stringers

  • with stair head landing on each floor
  • step construction welded between the stringers
  • usable flight width of the stairs up to 1000 mm
  • steel soffit lining made of coated perforated aluminum sheet


Project details

  • made from two flat steel stringers concealing the treads
  • stringer thickness: 12 mm
  • stringer height: 350 mm

  • as an impact sound insulated box profile
  • u-shaped trough steps with conical front edge, chamfered 3 times, for impact sound insulated filling
  • internal, invisible bracing profiles in the landings, according to static requirements
  • with holes for cable routing for lighting the steps made of 8 mm thick toughened safety glass, matt sandblasted
  • aluminium protective profile as tread edge, silver anodized

  • made from spray-painted double flat steel posts
  • railing infill with cross chords made of stainless steel round tube
  • wooden handrail made of steamed beech with groove on the underside
  • evenly rounded sheet steel ceiling frame
  • z-shaped frame for lining the edge of the ceiling and for connecting the floor structure

In addition to the delivery and expert assembly of the stairs, we also provided the following services for this property in Munich

  • verifiable statics


Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH, Gaggenau

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