Exclusive staircases in the WINX Tower

2021, Frankfurt

The elegant spiral staircase in the WINX Tower impresses with the harmonious interplay of balustrade stringers and glass railings.

Impressive spiral staircase

The "WINX. The Riverside Tower" in Frankfurt am Main is a 110 m high building with 28 storeys, located on the edge of the banking district. With its butterfly-shaped and modern architecture, the office tower dominates the skyline and is unique among the city's skyscrapers. The WINX Tower has been thought through down to the smallest detail and is built in a resource-saving manner. As proof of this quality, the building was awarded the DGNB platinum certificate.

Susanne Klatten, the richest woman in Germany, purchased the entire building before its completion in 2019. Much of the office space has since been let. In 2020, the global law firm DLA Piper moved into its new premises on floors 23 to 27 and the roof terrace on the 28th floor of the building. We were able to manufacture two exclusive staircases for the renowned law firm.

Winding staircase with glass railings

From the 26th - 28th upper floor, an elegant spiral staircase with a balustrade railings on the inner stringer and timeless all-glass railings on the outer stringer is impressive. The center of the stringers is offset so that the flight width changes. A filigree stainless steel U-section serves as edge protection. The spiral staircase gains its sculptural character not least due to the statically supporting steel soffit lining.

Assembly was absolutely spectacular: in Salach, our employees divided both staircases into transportable segments, which were brought to the upper floors on the construction site using a tower crane. A mini crane was used to transport the individual components within the tower.


Project details

  • 1-track, evenly rounded
  • diameter of inner stringer approx. 900 mm
  • flight width approx. 1000-1350 mm
  • 20 ascents, 19 steps from the 26th-27th floor
  • 23 ascents, 22 steps from the 27th-28th floor, inserted between the exit and intermediate landings

  • stringer thickness up to 20 mm
  • stringer height up to 1020 mm

  • stringer thickness up to 20 mm
  • stringer width up to 80 mm
  • stringer height up to 400 mm

  • smooth steel surface
  • precisely shaped to match the staircase
  • welded flush on the underside between the stringers
  • no visible joints, tolerance compensations etc.
  • statically co-supporting, therefore significantly improved statics and better vibration behavior of the spiral staircase

  • design according to static requirements and on the basis of general test certificates of the German building authorities
  • laminated safety glass panes with a thickness of approx. 16-20 mm
  • pane length up to 2000 mm
  • vertical glass joints approx. 10-20 mm
  • railing height approx. 1020 mm
  • all-glass railings evenly rounded, rising
  • handrail made of stainless steel U-section approx. 30×30 mm

On the 27th floor, the all-glass railings continue along the edge of the ceiling in the same way as the spiral staircase.

  • On floors 23-27, a stylish steel staircase with evenly rounded and straight-running components connects the floors. A paling balustrade with an oiled American walnut handrail rounds off the construction. In addition to the services already listed, METALLART was responsible for the verifiable structural analysis of the stairs, the paling balustrade and the all-glass railings for the spiral staircase.


CSMM GmbH, München

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